The RA Team

The iCreate Cape Breton pilot project wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated, enthusiastic support of our four research assistants – all students or recent graduates.  These creative, intelligent young women are the ones doing most of the work!

 407586_10151171405634934_630415283_n  Megan Peters, our project manager, is a proud caper who is finishing her BBA (with a Major in Marketing) as well as her BA (with a Major in Political Science) at Cape Breton University. Megan’s love for social justice has always guided her to seek knowledge where it could be found. She can be found daily trying to engage people in political discussion, and she believes the only way real organic change can occur anywhere, is by creating a meaningful platform for the voices of the unheard. Megan is beyond excited to hear what young Cape Bretoners have to say. She believes passionately that change is possible.

andreatapestryAndrea McGuire is currently pursuing her graduate degree in Folklore at Memorial University of Newfoundland. In April, she moved to Sydney to work as the assistant project manager and documentary team liaison for iCreate Cape Breton. As a folklore student, Andrea studies the informal, traditional knowledge and practices of small groups and communities. She learns to examine stories, material culture, folk songs, and beliefs (amongst many other folkloric traditions) to identify patterns and meaning from the inside out. In the summer of 2015, Andrea will conduct fieldwork for her master’s thesis on hitchhiking narratives. Andrea is very happy she made the move to Sydney to join the iCreate Cape Breton team. She feels fortunate to work on a project that fuses storytelling, documentation, and creativity with social justice and environmentalist perspectives.

KatherineKatherine Woodford, student liaison for the Glace Bay squad, is a recent graduate of Cape Breton University, completing an honors degree in biology. As a biology student, she has studied the environment and environmental impacts: her honors thesis focused on how passively-treated acidic mine water from the 1B Mine Pool affects the local Brook Trout fish population. She is actively involved in the theatre community of Cape Breton; performing in shows at the CBU Boardmore Theatre and the Savoy Theatre. Katherine is passionate about the artistic expression of scientific discoveries, and is therefore very excited to be a part of the iCreate Pilot Project.

KirstiKirsti Roxburgh, student liaison for the Whitney Pier squad, is presently completing her first academic year in the BACS program. Kirsti is majoring in communications with a goal of continuing into the field of law. She is interested in community development and social justice, having been exposed to both through volunteering and co-op programming. Kirsti continues to be a part of the community by performing music locally and is very excited to be a part of the iCreate pilot project team.