Getting Ready for Our Second Workshop!


Tonight at the Ukrainian hall we will have our second weekly meeting and continue to grow and expand the youths ideas. I am very excited to start our second weekly workshop! At our last meeting the youth decided it would be a good idea for us to make a group name instead of just being called the Whitney Pier group. I am extremely interested in what the youth are going to come up with so stay tuned, as I will announce the same shortly! As I mentioned on my last blog post about our first meeting, the youth decided that they wanted to write a play based on all the different ethnic backgrounds in Whitney Pier. There are many ethnic backgrounds in the Pier so we as a group realized that it would be too hard to talk about all the backgrounds because we only have a very short amount of time. We decided to pick a few that we could dive deeper into. The youth decided that they would each pick two ethnic backgrounds to research and that they would bring what they found to our second meeting. The ethnic backgrounds that we chose to work on are: Acadian, Mi’kmaq, West Indies, Ukrainian, Scottish, Greek, Irish, Jewish, Polish, Russian Muslim and Italian. In doing all this research I am really excited to be able to learn all about these backgrounds and start working on our play. Stay tuned for more blog posts as my group dives deeper into ethnicity and continues to work on our play!