And Play Practice Begins!!

imagesLast night I met with my group for our second group meeting. It was an exciting meeting seeing as though we had to meet in a different place other than Cape Breton University. We all met around 5:30 and we were all so hungry that we ate all of the three pizzas that I had brought over. While we ate we discussed what was going to happen during this meeting. Todd Hiscock our facilitator started us off with what was an exciting theatre game! As I had mentioned in my last blog post that the group was trying ┬áto figure out a name that we should call ourselves instead of just the Whitney Pier group. We are still in the process in finding a name. The youth brought in their research last night and read what they had found out loud to the group of us so we could get some ideas flowing about what our play is really going to be about. Todd has done a great job so far in getting everything together and started and I would like to take this time to thank him for everything that he is doing for our group. I would also like to thank Chester Borden for letting us work with his youth and helping us in the iCreate Pilot Project. Todd showed us some ways we can start to remember the information that we wrote down. We are very much still in the beginning stages of our play but with the ideas of the youth and the guidance of our elders and facilitators and RA’s the play will come together nicely. I am so excited for what next week’s meeting will bring and it is something that I look forward to each and every week.