Documentary Team Beginnings

On the final day of the iEngage Conference, our iCreate documentary team came together for the very first time. With the guidance of CBC personality Wendy Bergfeldt, communications professor Michael McDonald, and visiting documentary filmmaker, Finn Yarbrough, the youth excitedly discussed their ideas and hopes for the six weeks ahead. After this opening conversation, everyone was assigned different journalistic roles, and our band of roving reporters discretely invaded the other iCreate workshops. With audio recorders and iphones at the ready, the team gathered wonderful audio and video to document the spirit and energy of the conference. Some doc team members wrote exceptional field notes, too, to capture their individual perceptions of the (at times) chaotic and absurd proceedings.

During our Monday meeting, the doc team met once again to engage in the next stage of the documentary process. The room quickly began buzzing with a flurry of journalistic activity, as everyone split off into groups to create content and meet their swiftly approaching deadlines. Some youth learned the ins and outs of audio editing, while others collaborated on piecing together the material they had gathered on Sunday. Everyone did such great work!

In this video, Riley and Thalgrond show us what iCreate theatre workshops look like from the outside. As Thalgrond says, “Everything seems crazy when you remove yourself far enough.” He’s so right! Riley filmed and edited this video, while Thalgrond wrote and recorded the narration:

And here, documentary member Patricia shares her thoughts about slow violence in Cape  Breton. Check out the link!