Patricia Gardiner-Pineau

PatriciaMy name is Patricia, I’m a 17 year old Sydney Academy student, with a love for the arts. I am involved in sketching and painting, and through this documentary project I have discovered a new passion: videography.

My previous work with iCreate Cape Breton opened the doors for a field I am very interested in, iCreate has fostered a networking,  learning environment for the skill I have acquired, and given me the confidence to apply them today.

I am honoured to be a part of the project; I have always wanted to be a part of a production. My involvement in creating the Bigsby documentary will allow me to do research and observations, which are perfect ways for me to get involved. Getting to conduct interviews, filming actors and directors in action will be wonderful!

The experience iCreate Cape Breton has made possible for me has expanded my understanding of the arts and all the possibilities that I can be involved with. I have learned to network with numerous inspiring individuals. The documentary process has enriched my learning experience, encouraging me to continue working towards my film career.

This is just another great step for me.

Patricia Gardiner-Pineau