The Weekly Meetings Continue !


This evening we had our third weekly meeting! Tonight went very well and we got to play some new drama games to get us ready for our play. The youth have decided that they are going to do some interviews with people of the ethnic background that they have chosen and they should all be done with that process by our next meeting. I am very excited to hear all about the interviews and to start our next meeting. The doc team came to our meeting tonight and video taped and recorded us. This was a cool experience for me because I have never been able to experience a documentary behind the scenes where everything is in its beginning stages. The doc team stayed around for a little bit after our meeting was over to interview some of the youth. The doc team asked questions like “what are you learning?” Both youth that were interviewed said things about the importance of community and how everyone should know and be educated on all cultures and ethnic backgrounds in the community. I feel proud to be part of this group.

Each youth in this group has come to the table with very different personalities, which is definitely making the group thrive. I enjoy most the laughter that is shared. Everyone has such a great sense of humor; a joke can be made anywhere and no one can hold in their laughter. It is such a positive place for me, and to be able to share in it is such a joy.

I have attached some pictures of us playing some games to get us started!