Kenzie Cameron

KenzieMy name is Kenzie, I’m a 22 year old marketing graduate and graphic designer. I love any sort of creative outlet: graphic design, playing music, filmmaking, etc. I’m a complete amateur when it comes to video, but I’m eager to learn.

Thus far, Bigsby has been an amazing eye-opener for me. I am excited to work alongside some incredibly talented people and I know I will learn so much because of that. While I do enjoy working the camera, I really love editing. To me, this stage is where you really get to see the project come to life. Turning a collection of scenes/clips into a final film is fascinating.

I got involved with Bigsby through my friendship with Fritz Bishop. In my first year of university at Cape Breton University, I asked my then English professor, Dr. Sheila Christie, if she knew of any students interested in making film. Fast forward four years and Fritz invited me to help with this project. I’m definitely excited to see the final result, but also everything that we create in the future.

Kenzie Cameron
Tar City Productions

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