Resource Team

Do you want to contribute your skills and knowledge to young people who are working towards a stronger Cape Breton? Do you have specific expertise to offer in the arts or sciences? Are you passionate about social justice or the environment? Consider offering your experience to the resource team and help community members of all ages explore the effect of environmental damage on our collective quality of life.

There are five iCreate teams (called squads) in the pilot project. Three are established with our community partners in Whitney Pier and Glace Bay (UNIA, Undercurrent Youth Centre, and the Whitney Pier Youth Club), and the other two are video and audio documentary teams based at CBU. The resource team will provide local experts who can present on topics and techniques relevant to squad discussions and experiments as needed (and available) throughout the workshop process (May-June).

Who can participate: Anyone with knowledge or skills to offer to the project. People with a particular passion for the arts, science, social justice, and/or environment would be ideal resource team members.

Where: onsite with our community partners in Whitney Pier and Glace Bay, and at CBU for the documentary teams.  All participants will meet up at CBU for the beginning and end of the project.

When: Resource team members will be invited to squad meetings as needed, and are encouraged to attend the opening and closing project events.  The project starts with a two-day event May 2-3 and ends with a presentation June 12, both at CBU.  For the six weeks in between, each team will meet once a week in the evenings (5:30-8:30PM) on a night chosen by the group. The documentary teams will have a more flexible schedule as decided by group members.

Let us know if you want to join the resource team by April 27 either by talking to an organizer with one of the community partners or by sending us an email at

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