Bigsby + iCreate = Brighter Future!

P Photography

This has been an outstanding experience! Through Bigsby and previous opportunities iCreate Cape Breton has helped me plan my future, I’ve been trying to find something to do as a future career. I want to do something that I love in the arts and that would also help support me financially. Not knowing how to make money in the arts was frustrating and scary, thus I was looking into social work. When thinking of this as a career my thought process was ‘I could maybe do this…’ and ‘I do have an interest…’ but film, photography, and other ways to express myself through art are what make me, me.

After high school, I have plans to enroll into Secondary education. A new thought, that I didn’t have before working with iCreate this summer. I plan to enroll at NSCC and take cinematography, entrepreneurship, and most likely visual arts. Before working with iCreate I had no idea not only exactly what I’d take, but also if I’d enjoy my time in college and in my future career. This scared me because my parents and grandparents always told me to do what I love for a living. I wasn’t sure how to make a living with all the art I love so much, I still don’t completely. Thanks to the things I’ve learned this summer and the people I’ve met in my community, I have an idea on how to start.

Not only have I been given the opportunity to film and edit my first film at the age of 17, I’ve also been introduced to all sorts of people who are teaching me more about the industry. I have learned about what goes into making a documentary, and based the topic of the documentary I’ve learned what goes into making a movie. This opportunity has allowed me to make friends and connections in my small town that I think will be in my life for a long time to come, by meeting people who have similar interest to me, and who share with me their knowledge. All because I was given the opportunity with this wonderful organisation, because as a youth iCreate allowed me to be involved.

P filmingWho knew the decision to be involved would have such a big impact on me as a teenager? I don’t feel as lost as I did, like I have a good foundation moving farther into my life. A foundation that will help me do what I love rather than what I feel pressured to do. I feel a sense of accomplishment nearing the end of the project this summer. I encourage anyone who is interested to get involved, you won’t regret it!

Patricia Gardiner-Pineau