Writing Session #4

Last Tuesday, April 5, we held our fourth writing workshop at the McConnell Library.

Throughout this session we discussed a wide variety of topics, from films to family, term papers to television series, Julius Caesar to Lord of the Flies. Our regular group is really beginning to jell, with everyone feeling comfortable enough to share personal stories of our own distinctive backgrounds as longtime residents of Cape Breton, including our diverse childhood and high school experiences. With participants and research assistants from all corners of the island, it is clear that we each bring with us a unique perspective on the issues that face young people in our community.

Our writing exercise this week was focused on our favourite films. Each member of the group was asked to write a short paragraph describing their favourite movie, emphasizing the specific aspects of the film that made it enjoyable for them. Choices ranged from Sinbad to The Shining, and we all seemed to appreciate the opportunity to gush about a film that is particularly meaningful to us. This exercise was a great way of assessing group members’ individual tastes and preferences, giving everyone a chance to discuss their own interests, as well as hear alternative viewpoints.

Hopefully next week we can continue to foster this open, relaxed atmosphere and expand our ideas on issues more directly related to slow violence and its impacts on Cape Breton life.