Clown Car: Talent that Keeps on Giving

Clown cars are fascinating, intriguing and entertaining. Similar to the old cartoon of Felix The Cat and the bag he used to use to bring out thousands of objects out of. Bigsby, is just that. A clown car that keeps being pleasantly surprising!

Catalina B and Fritz BIn an era where technology has taken over as part of the daily routine and screen time has increased tremendously over green time. Experiencing the freedom of intertwining factors makes you feel alive. Youth are bombarded by numerous dynamics that take a toll and influence their response to situations. At times these influences can also place youth in circumstances out of their control. It can be intimidating, scary and can create a feeling of helplessness. However, a sense of belonging and support can be the change we all need. As the production assistant for Bigsby and the research assistant for iCreate Cape Breton, the overlapping responsibilities, pressures and duties sometimes outnumber my extended abilities to be effective and efficient. Yet, the production of this film, the work with the cast and crew, along with the support and encouragement shown by the community drives me and boosts my abilities to go over and above. This is something that is accessible to anyone. The thrill of being part of something unique can encourage action, and even remind you of how talented you really are.

Bigsby has given the cast and crew unlimited amounts of laughter, room to grow, learn and expand their comfort zones. The first time meeting one another was during the table read held in a second floor classroom at Cape Breton University. As the group members sat quiet on their phones, you could feel the nervousness and hesitation of what would be coming up. The meeting began by outlining the iCreate Consent Forms, roles of cast and crew, as well as highlighting some of the goals for the film. As communication began filling the room, two very interesting things began to happen. Cellphones were put down and ignored, allowing for the excitement to take over each member filling the room with smiles and an electrifying energy. The classroom lost its intimidating feel and was replaced by a welcoming setting being enjoyed by enthusiastic participants, focused and dedicated to their roles and the project itself. From this moments forward, a group of disconnected youth became a network of artists, expressing their talents in different ways.

Over the past few days, the cast and crew of Bigsby has wowed! There is tons of talented individuals. There are all ranges of experience and lives coming together to unify to complete the film. First time actors are shocking the set with their incredible ability. New crew with little to no experience with certain types of equipment are blowing the group away with how quickly they learn and apply their skills. When you think you have seen all the talent there is, you are proved wrong. When asked what they think this is so, the members highlighted the type of work environment we are fostering as a group. The encouraging, safe and promoting environment the members have created welcomes growth and confidence. A comfortable, complimentary and reassuring space has been formed facilitating the members to feel free to voice questions, concerns, suggestions and comments.

Patricia GConnections are not only being made among the group members, but also with the film material as well. Rachael, whom plays Clem expressed her appreciation for the quality of Bishop’s work. The intensity and feeling being put into action is outstanding and rewarding for the actors. During the reading of a highly emotionally charged scene, the room was silent and the passion for the work could be felt as actors read their lines and voices cracked from the impacting and touching story portrayed. “He is a great writer, I couldn’t look up from reading the script, and I feel so sad because it feels so real” expressed Rachel during a break from the table read. Her attachment to the character and the play is evident and it makes for an enjoyable presentation for the viewer.

The amazing team work, talent, support and atmosphere being created is continuous. Each day there is something wonderful and new surprising us. This is only the beginning and it is inevitable to feel ecstatic for what is to come. The friendships being built, the connection to the community through the arts and the encouragement to step out of our shells are making for a unique and enriching experience.

In a matter of a few days we have returned to nature, been in touch with the harsh realities that touch members of our society and had the opportunity to have educational talks with community members about solutions, while highlighting the wonderful work being done.

Catalina Belalcázar
Production Assistantt/Research Assistant