Bigsby Documentary: Multidisciplinary Youth Resilience Development through Film Production

iCreate Cape Breton is continuing its pilot project—focused on the theme of slow violence—by focusing on establishing collaborative, community engaged research practices that foster youth resilience. Thus, the collaboration with Tar City Productions is a unique arts-based research that works towards expanding community networks, exploring engagement, personal development and social changes that may arise through the participation and creation of the Tar City Productions’ film called Bigsby.

Tar City is an independent production company based out of Sydney, Nova Scotia. Members volunteer their time, knowledge, and expertise to collaboratively create art projects for local distribution. Tar City’s primary concern is the creative expression of youth within the community, while providing members the opportunity to learn valuable skills in artistic fields of interest through hands-on involvement in a non-union, collaborative environment.

This collaboration is the start of an extraordinary journey. We are excited for you to experience it with us through our blogs!

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Tar City Productions